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The Miami Budokai is a martial arts school located in Miami Florida teaching karate, jiujitsu, a kids bully proof program and more under Luis Fernandez.

Our Programs

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Karate Classes


Goju-Ryu translates as hard and soft, strong and gentle, or block soft and hit hard system. is the “way” of Goju-Ryu Karate.

BJJ Classes

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Learn the basics of Ground Fighting with Kyoshi Luis Fernandez. Training under the world famous Machado Brothers. 

kids classes

Karate for Kids

Make your kids Bully-Proof and train for any situation. Be confident that they can handle themselves when they are alone. 


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About Kyoshi Luis Fernandez

The Founder of Miami Budokai in Florida.

Kyoshi Luis Fernandez

The Leader at Miami Budokai - As a young boy, Luis was an avid reader of comic books, engaged with their characters as well as with a man in a gi. These characters or representations were strong impressions that inspired him early on, instilling a strong desire to learn how to protect and defend the good versus the evil.

Fernandez successfully attained the ability to protect and defend as he developed over the years into a formidable and talented karateka, competitor, then as an instructor, a law enforcement officer, father and role model. The benefits derived early on through Asian ways, the martial arts, and culture.

In 1993, I began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I was inspired by Royce Gracie during his UFC days. I never saw anything like his brand of Jiu-jitsu. I appreciated the way it equalized its opponents and how effective it was against other styles. I embraced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and immediately sub-contracted an instructor for my dojo, strapped on a white belt and began my journey. Luckily, Miami is a hotbed for Brazilians. This gave me an opportunity to learn from great Jiu-jitsu teachers. I have had the honor of practicing with great instructors such as, but not limited to Carlos and Rigan Machado, Ricardo De La Riva, Carlos Santos, Mario Agnese, Moacir "Boca" Omeina, and Daniel "Montanha" de Silva.”

carlos machado and Luis Fernandez

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